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Powering On-Chain Pixel Art

Exquisite Graphics is a state-of-the-art on-chain pixel art rendering engine accessible to everyone.
Exquisite Graphics is a public good. It proliferates and funds graphics projects.
Exquisite Graphics is built around the .xqst file format which is an open standard for anyone to use however they would like.

Built with Exquisite Graphics

Collaborative Pixel Art Game

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On-Chain toy that lets you create, collect, and share artwork

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The first fully on-chain 64x64 pixel art in 256 Colors

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ICE64 is a series of 16 photographs by Sam King, documenting the desolate landscape of Iceland during the winter, enduring harsh yet beautiful conditions. Every image is an original 1 of 1 NFT, with an accompanying edition of a smaller SVG based artwork.

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Exquisite Canvas makes it easy to create Exquisite Graphics compatible pixel art

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Crafted by Relational